Keep it Simple, Keep It Bare.

Photo by Jeff Sutera @jeff_sutera

Photo by Jeff Sutera @jeff_sutera

Why BARE by Evelyn? Here is what BARE means to me and why it is an integral part of my mission:

BARE is the freedom to unleash your inner confidence and to love the body and skin that you are in — let’s be real, we could all use a little confidence boost these days! We are too damn self-critical. I still catch myself using reductive language and putting myself down from time to time. These comments might seem small and insignificant but they build up quickly. I continually work to shift my mindset from self-criticism to self-love. I try to re-pattern my thoughts and more wholly appreciate the body I am in. This is certainly a practice.

BARE is simplicity — we tend to over complicate things, and often, our health is one of those things. We’re bombarded with an overwhelming stream of information and conflicting approaches to health and wellness. It feels like every few months there is a new supplement, herb, superfood or diet that is promising to be the magic pill to get us to perfect health. So, of course, there is this constant feeling of, “Am I not doing enough? Should I be doing more?” when in reality, we’re doing way too much! I went through a “more is more” phase a few years back. I thought layering on every acne product on the market, hiding behind pounds of makeup, taking every single herb and supplement, doing daily colonics and drinking superfood green juices nonstop was going to fix all of my problems. Boy was I wrong! I was making things harder for myself by over complicating everything from my skincare routine to my diet. I wasn’t listening to what my body really wanted and needed, instead, I was piling on things to cover up my lack of self-confidence. I was trying desperately to take control. This was more harmful than helpful. I was doing all these things that my body simply did not need. Once I softened my grip, let go of over controlling and simplified I was able to trust that my body intuitively knew how to heal. Things began to shift and through that process, I learned the importance of simplicity. 

BARE is being bravely transparent — this is two-fold: first, I want to be real and vulnerable with you all. It is not all rainbows, kale, gua sha, and butterflies over here. I want you to see who I really am and I expect the same from my clients, honesty and truth. Second, transparency is transparency in terms of food and products. Part of my mission is to uncover the truth about what is actually going into the food, beauty, home, and personal care products we use and to educate on how certain ingredients impact health.

BARE is purity and nature — eat real, whole, unprocessed, foods! Use natural non-toxic products! Spend time outdoors in nature! Let’s live a holistic life. 

So there you have it. This is what BARE means to me. What does BARE mean to you?

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