Uncover the roadmap to your highest health

Evelyn Braczko

Holistic Health & Mindful Body Coach


My Map

It began at twelve years old. I woke up one morning, looked in the mirror, and noticed my face looked, well, different. It felt like I caught the plague of acne overnight. I was mortified. Immediately I grew self-conscious, felt helpless, and wanted to hide from the world. I desperately wanted these bumps to disappear and for years to follow, I would try anything that made a promise to clear my skin. I went from one doctor to the next, I tried oral and topical pharmaceuticals, and I tried numerous brands of contraceptive pills with the hope that they would heal my skin. Occasionally, I would find some relief but the results were never lasting.

At age sixteen I saw a doctor who introduced me to the idea that our external is a mirror of our internal. Instead of throwing me a handful of prescriptions, he recommended supplements, tested me for food intolerances, and explained further that the disruption in my skin was a result of disruption in my body. My interest in alternative healing was sparked and my healing journey set sail.

The first step was cleaning up my diet. I began to eliminate processed foods and started to cultivate awareness around how the food I ate affected the way I felt. The next five years were spent building up these discernment muscles. During this time, I took the plunge into the world of holistic health, reading and learning anything I could. I eventually made the choice to go off of all of the medications I had been taking for years.

I stopped them all cold turkey (I don’t advise this), with the steadfast idea that they no longer resonated with the life I wanted to live. Like any journey worth telling the tale of, I hit rough waters, the symptoms I had been masking with medications came back with full force. My skin was at it’s all-time worst. Whopping, painful, cysts covered my face, forehead to chin, cheek to cheek. I experienced that same pang of helplessness but I knew this time was different. I had enough tools and resources to get down to the root cause of these symptoms and I now knew that medications and quick fixes were not the routes to lasting results.

With this newfound resolve, I dove deeper into healing but the waters grew more troubled. This time, instead of hopping from one western doctor to the next, I hopped from the naturopath to functional medicine doctor to the allergists, herbalists, iridologist, colon hydrotherapists, acupuncturists, and even a medical medium. I was desperate for answers and there was no lack of them: I was diagnosed with leaky gut, candida, SIBO, parasites, adrenal fatigue, mold poisoning, PCOS, Epstein-Barr and so much more. You name it, I had it. Every few months I had a new diagnosis and I latched onto each with the hope they would be the key to solving my health. I began to identify myself by my illnesses, definitions that left me feeling limited and hopeless. I was pouring money down the drain trying to find the answer through each promising natural therapy and each new diet. I was not getting better, instead, I encountered depression, digestive disorders, eating disorders, hormonal imbalances, and, of course, chronic cystic acne. It was time to take matters into my own hands and to begin listening to myself.

The first step was learning to silence the outside noise, the opinions, the fad diets, the dogmatic beliefs, and to begin to listen to my body. I started by simply asking myself "What does my body need right now?” And then listening. This became my mantra and each time I asked I would feel a shift, I could slow down, I could observe, and I could listen. From this question I played with new rituals and habits: I began to bless my food, thanking it for nourishing my body. I slowed down during meals and took the time to notice and take in the colors, smells, and textures of my food. Through these new rituals and a mindful approach, my relationship with food began to shift. Eating was no longer a punishment or the reason for my symptoms.

It wasn’t long before my new sense of mindfulness grew, spreading to the other areas of my life. My work, my relationships, my daily interactions, my fitness, and even my daily commute shifted. I had granted myself permission to simply be a keen and kind observer rather than a harsh critic. The shifts in my life were organic, the things that were no longer serving me fell away and practices, food, people, and things that nourished me flooded in.

I had underestimated the capability of my body and intuition and by listening, watching, and observing we developed a dialogue. By creating a dialogue with my mental, emotional and physical self I found my intuitive power that had been waiting for me all along. It was not long until my health and chronic cystic acne began to heal.

We all have this power inside of us. I believe the key is to tune into your body. My goal is to empower you to find harmony in your health and your life. My work is to provide you with the tools that allow you to be your own health expert so you too can transform your life and find attunement.


How I Know What I Know

I received my professional training and certifications from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and the Health Coach Institute. In these programs, I explored more than one hundred dietary theories, studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods, and had the chance to learn from the world’s top health and wellness experts. My education has prepared me with cutting-edge knowledge and techniques in health coaching, holistic nutrition, and preventative care.


My work is to provide you with the tools that allow you to be your own health expert, so you too can transform your life and find attunement.


How I work

My approach is simple and holistic.

We will begin with a thorough assessment marking where you have been, where you are now and where you want to go on your health and wellness journey. Using these points as landmarks we will begin to draw your roadmap to health. A holistic approach means we look to all areas of your life [relationships, spirituality, career, finances, physical activity, etc.] and assess how they are affecting your overall wellbeing. Working together we will carve out a unique path that serves your body, lifestyle, and goals to route and root you to your highest health.

With your roadmap to health and wellness, you can expect a coach (me!) that listens carefully, helps you to navigate the overflow of contradictory nutrition and health information and offers lasting support for lasting change.

Tap back into your intuitive power, get in touch with the needs of your body, set goals and achieve them with sustainable and healthy lifestyle choices. I provide you with the tools, knowledge, and resources that empower you to make your own decisions and take control of your health.